Nightclubs in Rhyl 1980s 90s

Now Rhyl had quite a few nightclubs back in the 80s. Maybe this will bring back some memories and you may even comment and dust off a few memories for me! My faves had to be Frankies and The Bistro as Frankies was the first club i had been to which was for an inter 6th where all the 6th […]

The Arcades in Rhyl in the 1980s

Ah so much of my youth wasted in the Arcades in Rhyl. If it wasn’t the suncentre then you could always find us in the arcades. Looking back though it was great fun and their used to be a group of us who would always try and hit the jackpot on the Ace Chase, Miners, Line Up machines and anything […]

Alton Towers and Cheese Spread Baps

I’m sure my sister will agree with this memory. Back in the 80s as our parents ran a flatlet and guest house we didn’t get a day off in the summer holidays as the rooms were always full with guests. So our treat was to go to Alton Towers on a school day, usually in september when school had just […]

Roger Jones Timber Merchants, Rhyl

I recently found a photo of ‘Roger Jones Timber Merchant’ in Rhyl from the 80s. I remember it so well as i would have been 11, the Falklands war was just kicking off and my dad had just been laid off as a joiner at Lowther College which is known as Bodelwyddan Castle. Luckily my Dad who was an amazing […]

Dolawen Nurses Home, Rhyl

I’ve been trying to find out for weeks what this building was called. I actually thought it was a ‘nunnery’ but just found out that it was a Nurses Quarter and Training rooms but was known by the locals as ‘nunnery’. I was only young in the 80s when it was all closed down and ready to be knocked down […]

EPCOT Mickey Hand

Liked this addition even less than the 2000 Millenium sign. Not sure what year this came down but it was so great going back and seeing the Spaceship Earth with nothing attached for the first time!

Space Shuttle

I think this was in 2001 was most excited when we visited Kennedy Space Centre to see they were getting ready for a launch and the shuttle was on the pad. We were all really disappointed that we missed the launch though!

Epcot 2000 Sign

My first visit in 2000 and to be honest I didnt love the addition of the Millenium sign. Waa glad to see it gone when we next went back!

Sorcerer Mickey Hat 2001

The hat at Hollywood studios was always controversial. I’m always kind of liked it. So iconically Disney. This was taken on my 2nd trip to WDW in 2001 when it was being erected for the 100 years of magic celebration. Was taken down in 2015.