“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.”– Lois Lowry.

Throughout our lives we gather memories, some new…some old, some good and some bad but memories can make us smile in the saddest of times.  Anything can provoke our memories, photos, smells, music, books….We could be standing at a bus stop in the pouring down rain and a memory will pop in to our heads and a beaming smile will suddenly appear on our face as we remember and relive that memory.

The saddest part is….when we pass away or our minds seem to slow down then our memories slowly disapear…all those good and even bad memories are gone forever.  Some of the most interesting conversations I have had throughout my life have been with older people telling me their memories and stories about the town or county i lived in etc and then me being able to pass it on as i get older.

This site isn’t meant to compete with social media sites.  Yes, you can post your memories on social media sites but only your friends etc can search your posts.  On ‘MemoryTag’ anyone in the world can search and view all your memories online.  You can add photos with text or just plain text and anyone can comment on your memory.

It’s all about the ‘tags’ you enter when you post your memory.  Try to make the tags as descriptive as possible as that is what people will search and hopefully comment on.

Don’t let your beautiful memories dissapear….share them with everyone 🙂