EPCOT Mickey Hand

Liked this addition even less than the 2000 Millenium sign. Not sure what year this came down but it was so great going back and seeing the Spaceship Earth with nothing attached for the first time!

Space Shuttle

I think this was in 2001 was most excited when we visited Kennedy Space Centre to see they were getting ready for a launch and the shuttle was on the pad. We were all really disappointed that we missed the launch though!

Epcot 2000 Sign

My first visit in 2000 and to be honest I didnt love the addition of the Millenium sign. Waa glad to see it gone when we next went back!

Sorcerer Mickey Hat 2001

The hat at Hollywood studios was always controversial. I’m always kind of liked it. So iconically Disney. This was taken on my 2nd trip to WDW in 2001 when it was being erected for the 100 years of magic celebration. Was taken down in 2015.

Sorcerer Mickeys Hat 2002

Taken on my 3rd trip in 2002. I loved the big blue monstrosity that was the Sorcerer Mickey Hat at Hollywood Studios and I was sad when they took it down. I loved the pin shop that was underneath to! Must admit though it looks better again today with the unobstructed view of the Chinese Theatre

First Shoes

Doesn’t seem like 5 min since I was buying these but it’s nearly 12 years now. Brings back such memories of her proudly walking round Clarke’s in Tamworth with such a big smile on her face! Where does the time go!!!