Growing up in Rhyl in the 80s

Growing up in Rhyl in the 80s

I grew up in Rhyl in the 80s and have so many fond memories. My parents ran a flatlet house in beechwood road named ‘Cranbourne’ (also a few years later they would purchase next door and turn it in to a guest house named ‘The Links’).

A few years back when i was unemployed i went to Rhyl Library and was looking at old Rhyl documents and actually found a photo of the original advert (see attached image) that my parents used to pay for to be included in a magazine i think (can’t actually remember) but as soon as i saw the ad all the memories came flooding back.

I have so many fond memories of meeting all new people when they booked in each saturday and also the mayhem of getting all the rooms clean for the new guests. It was total chaos every saturday yet my parents who were only young at the time grafted really hard to keep the business up and running.

It was always strange when it was out of season and we had the whole house to ourselves…i remember there being 8 flatlet rooms and my sister and i would never venture to the top floor in case the ghosts got us haha

It’s such a shame too see what has happened to the town i grew up in and loved so dearly but i suppose that is happening in most places now 🙁

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