Nightclubs in Rhyl 1980s 90s

Nightclubs in Rhyl 1980s 90s

Now Rhyl had quite a few nightclubs back in the 80s. Maybe this will bring back some memories and you may even comment and dust off a few memories for me! My faves had to be Frankies and The Bistro as Frankies was the first club i had been to which was for an inter 6th where all the 6th forms from the local schools would meet up and the bistro just for being the coolest and safest place on the planet.

These aren’t in any order:

Frankies – I can still close my eyes and visualise exactly how it looked now with Criticize by Alexender O’ Neal playing full blast. You would walk up the stairs to the cloakroom/ticket desk where the bouncers would wait. One of the nicest guys i ever met was a bouncer there ‘Billy Allen’, he ran the Highfield Park Post Office as well (i think it was called that) and he knew how old I was as i went to get the family allowance from there for my mum! He said to my mum though he let me in as he knew i would never be any trouble. I saw plenty of bodies flying down those stairs though, was quite funny trying to avoid the bodies as you walked up the stairs! Lager and Black in there was my fave and i hold very fond memories of the place.

The Bistro – Peter owned it i think and i worked for his brother Martin who ran the Splash Point Bar…i was a glass collector there and i always remembered he had a beautiful daughter named Ruth.
Downstairs in the bistro was like a Parasian Cafe and you had the fat stubbied handled glasses with Stella flowing from them. Amazing music and the smallest pool room known to man! You had to go upstairs to the nightclub and Carl Gizzie was on the door, a pleasant guy, very tall and always with a pipe between his lips.  You always felt so safe in that place, not very often you can say that about a nightclub!  If there was any trouble in there you would just see Carl throwing bodies down the stairs.  Amazing music and some good times.

Kings and Queens – This was near Frankies and i only went in there a few times, not really my cup of tea so can’t say much about the place.

The Sussex – This is where the delightful *cough* witherspoons is now.  Was a huge club, only went there a few times and you could go upstairs in this club.

Ellises – We always used to end up here in the 90s, not sure why, the place was a dive and all the bouncers were on power trips to the extreme.

Dixieland/Brunels – This was near the fair, was an okish nightlub, nothing to write home about.

The Downtown – Couldn’t stand this place, dark and dingy, always lots of trouble in there and my least fave nightclub ever!

The Orange Peel – Now this was a trippy club!  You walked downstairs and there was a huge dancefloor that lit up!  Place was full of drugs in the 90s….hence the trippy club name!

Mic ar Meic – I think thats what it was called or something along those lines.  Basically this was the roughest place in Rhyl and where you used to end up if you were barred from the main nightclubs.  Always trouble in there, crazy place and the owner who used to DJ was the spitting image of Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac.

Name Unknown – There was a nightclub under The Wessminster Hotel’ there was a door you knocked on and then a little hatch would open and the doorman would check you over before opening the door.  I think the real reason for the door and hatch was to hide how many people weren’t actually in there!  When you got in it would just be 10 blokes leering at you in the hope a female was coming through the door haha

Kon Tiki – Or as it was known ‘The Sticky Carpet Club’!  Only went there once, we went up the stairs to the club and i asked my friend why is it called ‘The Sticky Carpet Club’….he said, try walking….huh?  To my amazement my feet were stuck to the floor and i couldn’t move!  You’ve seen that Michael Jackson move where he would lean forward and his shoes wouldnt move?  I rest my case 🙂

Don’t think i’ve missed anywhere out…i huge fave mention to one of the clubs i used to go to all the time….Bentleys in Towyn…used to love that place and the bouncers were friendly also especially Tony was built like a brick sheethouse and the older guy whos name began with an ‘A’ but i can’t for the life remember his name.  Was a beautiful nightclub/building and always had good times in there, going into the VIP lounge and getting pints of wine for 1 pound haha.  Very fond memories and somewhere nice to remember my old nightclub memories.


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