The Arcades in Rhyl in the 1980s

Ah so much of my youth wasted in the Arcades in Rhyl. If it wasn’t the suncentre then you could always find us in the arcades. Looking back though it was great fun and their used to be a group of us who would always try and hit the jackpot on the Ace Chase, Miners, Line Up machines and anything […]

Favourite teacher Rhyl High School in the 80s

It’s funny how you always remember that one special teacher in school. Back in the 80s in Rhyl High School in North Wales i think most peoples favourite teacher was the Art teacher Mr Brian Hughes. This guy was just so cool and would talk about everything and anything and just let you be yourself. Another side of him is […]

Rhyl Suncentre and my youth

Rhyl Sun Centre….some might say a misspent youth but i loved the place in the 80s. Spent most of my teen years in there and they were some very happy times. My sister and I used to get a free pass because our parents used to have a flatlet house in Beechwood Road and we advertised the Sun Centre. We […]

Cumberland Bakery Food from the 80s

When i was in Abergele 6th form we all used to go down to Cumberlands and lunchtime and join the queue down the road….the place was always rammed to the ceiling with schoolkids wanting their hot n buttered baps (basically this consisted of a large fresh bap with crusty top. The bap was then sliced open and you could have […]

Birthday Party in the 80s

Found this old photo with some really good friends from primary school. We kind of drifted apart when going to high school as in different classes etc. So trying to work out dates, i would say 1981 as it was before i started at Rhyl High School (still have the scars!). I think there is a mix of Wales, Wrexham […]