The Arcades in Rhyl in the 1980s

The Arcades in Rhyl in the 1980s

Ah so much of my youth wasted in the Arcades in Rhyl. If it wasn’t the suncentre then you could always find us in the arcades. Looking back though it was great fun and their used to be a group of us who would always try and hit the jackpot on the Ace Chase, Miners, Line Up machines and anything else when we were bored.

A few of the original arcades are not there any more so i can sit at home and play on the original roms instead 🙂

There used to be quite a gang of us that used to meet up and trying hitting the jackpots, wayne holmes, ste amos, johnny round head, damien, johnny webster, togi, hazey…i’ve forgotten so many names as not seen so many of them for 30+ years.

There was the one arcade in between les harkers arcades and i think the owner was Italian or something…there was a huge donkey derby game where you through the balls up to move the horse along..anyways, he just used to stare at you and if he thought you were local he would chase you out shouting at you…silly old fool!

Trying to remember a list of the old arcades in order from woolworths…there are some i can’t remember though.

The Bright Spot, Queens, Ferns (great pool tables), les harkers, italian guys arcade, les harkers, seldons, not sure, the mint, not sure, websters and not sure.




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